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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Kelsey Riegger and I'm from Pasadena, MD. I graduated from Towson University with a BA in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing in December 2019. Being a young college graduate, I was excited to take the workforce by storm! However, the world had other plans.


No one tells you how difficult it is to find a good job using the degree you just paid for. Let alone finding a job in a worldwide pandemic! Job hunting gets to be a little difficult especially when everything is shut down and everyone is quarantined. I knew I couldn't let this stop me. I decided to take my skills and build off of what I already had. *Insert Clics Digital Marketing!! I started with a few close clients to practice my skills and ensure I had what it took. This time allowed me to have free range on exploring ideas, methods, and to see what worked! I was able to build up my skills, practice new things, as well as get a true idea of marketing for different businesses.

Now I am ready to expand my skills even further and take on more. I am super passionate about helping businesses grow and build a brand for themselves.

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